SAP Analytics

Company success depends on effective business analysis. But added value comes through data analytics and not from mere data collection. SAP Analytics offers a very broad portfolio for analysis and visualization, based on the harmonized and analysis-oriented data stock of data warehouse systems or data lakes. Furthermore, numerous analysis tools allow the inclusion of additional data sources.

Every company already uses analytical tools for reporting purposes. The most widespread tool in SAP’s world is the Business Objects (BO) Suite, which can be used to create formatted, analytical as well as ad hoc reporting. The product range includes a multitude of query and reporting tools that can be used to provide meaningful data visualization.

SAP Analytic Cloud (SAC) is another SAP analytics solution that uniquely combines the ability of BI Tools to develop intuitive analytics reports and dashboards with planning and predictive applications. Worth mentioning are also the extensive library of advanced analytics, your own design by inclusion of R-scripts and thus visualization of mathematical models, the connectivity and integration of various on-premise, cloud and other data sources, as well as quick and easy analysis development.

Before deciding on the right SAP Analytics product(s), it is highly advisable to discuss and define essential requirements, for example:

    • Who will use the solution? Management, business users or IT?
    • Should reports or dashboards be created in self-service or by IT?
    • Is access requested via web, Microsoft or GSuite?
    • Should reports be accessible to mobile devices?
    • Will the reports be available offline, online, or both?
    • Must reports be displayed in pixel-perfect formatting?
    • Should comments be allowed in reports?

The choice of the right tool depends on these and many other criteria. quadox offers ample experience with SAP’s Analytics portfolio, and also develops customized solutions when the portfolio does not meet the requirements. Together with the customer, we assess requirements and select the optimal solution under objective criteria.

Consultancy services at a glance


    • Requirements analysis
    • Analytic tool selection


    • Business Explorer (BEx)
    • Business Objects Suite (BO)
    • GSuite Sheets SAP AddOn
    • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


    • Administration & monitoring
    • Information Lifecycle Management
    • Performance optimization
    • Training