Data Management

Today, the data management scenario of many companies is one of huge data volumes scattered over a variety of systems. To retain control and exploit the value of information, companies must process data of any format and volume in an efficient manner. We provide organizational and technical advice based on SAP BW, the in-memory database HANA, the combination of both solutions or BW/4 HANA.

An SAP Business Warehouse provides an integrated and centralized view of analytics data. From an organizational and technical standpoint, the classic warehouse solution must be designed in a way that different applications can be developed and operated to deliver analytical information throughout the company. With quadox’s reference architecture, we guarantee a standardized implementation, proven over many years and successfully realized by many customers, which results in a low-maintenance and sustainable implementation as well as the processing of large volumes of data from SAP and non-SAP systems, and cloud applications.

SAP HANA is a high-performance in-memory database which, both as an independent platform and alongside SAP Business Warehouse, meets the increased analysis requirements for agility, speed, flexibility and data up-to-dateness. With the introduction of BW/4 HANA, the role of the classic data warehouse is also changing. Among other things, the next-generation warehouse application enables the merging of data lakes and data warehouses for multi-faceted analysis, the relocation of OLAP functions into the SAP HANA database as well as the scaling-out and archiving of large raw-data volumes on Hadoop clusters.

As an experienced and innovation-oriented company, we provide comprehensive and holistic advice on the ideal data warehouse architecture for you. Benefit from our experience and take advantage of our closeness to SAP.

Consultancy services at a glance


• Requirements analysis
• Data warehouse architecture


• Data modeling & data extraction
• Transformation (classic or via HANA SQL-Script)
• Data integration, consolidation & cleanup
• Structuring of corporate data & processes
• Master data & document management


• Administration & monitoring
• User management
• Performance optimization & review