Community Commitment

At quadox, economic interests and social commitment are not mutually exclusive. Being anchored in the region but also active beyond national borders, we assume responsibility in regional social initiatives as well as in international development aid.

Heidelberger Werkstätten is an institution of Lebenshilfe Heidelberg devoted to supporting adult people with mental and multiple disabilities in their professional and personal development.
As often as possible, we entrust in-house work to employees of Heidelberger Werkstätten.

With its mission statement “Transforming the world for children”, Plan International has been operating for 75 years as one of the largest children’s relief organisations. With its engagement, Plan International fights for a world in which all children are given the opportunity to realise their potential and do so in a society that respects and promotes human rights and the dignity of the individual. Since 2005, quadox has been sponsoring and supporting aid projects in Nepal. Our godchild, 16-year-old Laxmi Kumhar, is from the Udaypur region in the east of the country.

Scientific engagement

All our work is completed to the highest quality standard, as we depend on building our business reputation through excellent jobs. In the Consultancy area, quality means being up-to-date in all areas and developing constantly. We train our employees appropriately and efficiently, so they can act in a professional and competent manner with our customers. Unfortunately, young talent does not grow on trees. Therefore, we are also involved in the scientific field.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) offers an attractive study concept that is geared to the real demands of the job market and companies. For more than 35 years, DHBW has successfully integrated theory and practice, scientific study at the university and professional experience at partner companies. As a partner company, quadox trains students of “Business Informatics” – since 2011 in Mannheim and since 2019 in Karlsruhe – in the areas of Sales & Consulting and Data Science.

The German-speaking SAP user group registered association (DSAG) in Walldorf is the independent representation of German, Austrian and Swiss users’ interests. Founded on the 25th of June, 1997 as a registered association, the umbrella organization has established itself as the world’s largest SAP user group. We have been a member of DSAG since 2010.

Sporting commitment

We stay in motion – even after work! Quadox employees and customers regularly participate in sports activities such as the BASF company cup in Hockenheim, the FIDUCA (half) marathon in Karlsruhe, or the MLP (half) marathon in Mannheim.