Nowadays, the development of our society is significantly influenced by digitization and the associated exponential growth of data volume. In 2016, the data volume generated worldwide was around 16 zettabytes; ten years later, IDC estimates that this figure will increase more than tenfold to 163 zettabytes. The average, digitally networked person is likely to interact – whether they know it or not – with devices and systems 4,800 times a day at present, i.e. an interaction every 18 seconds. In the wake of this development and due to the pressures of a global, fast-growing market, demands on analysis systems have grown enormously.

Competence Center

Further to process and technology consulting, quadox has developed in recent years innovative and tailor-made process solutions in numerous national and international projects, particularly in Enterprise Planning, HCM and Procurement. This special know-how was bundled in three Competence Centers of the same name to provide our customers with comprehensive technical advice.

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quadox AG is a specialist in innovative data management and SAP Analytics solutions. In this era of Big Data, Internet of Things and Social Networks, it’s not easy to keep track of an ever-growing data jungle. “Thinking outside the box” is what distinguishes quadox from many other consulting companies. In-depth business know-how combined with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies underlie flexible, efficient and tailor-made solutions whereby our customers can exploit their potential, which lies dormant in their data repositories and in the expanses of the Internet.

Why quadox?

Our field of activity covers the entire value chain of IT projects. It ranges from architecture, project & system planning, to implementation, to the development and maintenance of sophisticated custom solutions.